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excel_fandom's Journal

Microsoft Excel discussion, advice and commentary
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Anybody , Moderated
This community was made for users of MS Excel (and other spreadsheet programs) to come together to share advice, book reviews, tricks and tips, and so on.

Work-related rants are okay (in moderation) as long as they're on topic, but please be considerate and hide longer ones behind an lj-cut. Note--if work ranting dominates the traffic in this community, this policy may change.

If a post contains a large number of screenshots (more than two), again, please conceal behind an lj-cut.

Newbies are welcome! As we evolve as a community we'll set up some frequently asked questions, as needed. Please ask questions and contribute to discussions. Even simple questions can spark conversation points.

For a sterling community on addressing other office needs (with a lot of excellent technical gurus and experienced office professionals), please visit admin_prof. This is a professional community built to address questions and concerns for administrative professionals.